‘What especially matters is that Scott L. Miller excels as an artist in this mode. He is one of the very best active today and one of the most original and consistently satisfying.' 

Classical-Modern Music Review

'Anything but bombastic, Miller's chamber-styled pieces are also generally restrained, understatement and nuance being key to the material's effect.'


‘every track stunning and notable’

‘Scott L. Miller is a true force on the avant-ambient scene’ 

Classical-Modern Music Review, Grego Applegate Edwards

'The production quality is superb… your ears can appreciate the beauties of full-dimensional digital stereo crafting.' 

The Sound Projector, Ed Pinsent

'I am manipulated and I am satisfied.'

Tõnis Kahu, EESTI EKSPRESS, 7.13.2016

'Miller has a real flair for evocative new music which he gives us ample evidence of in these works.'

Gapplegate Music Review 

'Truly a very enjoyable and satisfying release of experimental music by a duo that has a story to tell.'

Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly (Netherlands)

'He's no new music dabbler'


'sound responded like water around me--I could feel the resonance responding in waves'

Lori Wood, Lucas Artists Residency Manager

'transcends mere experimentalism to yield some really good music'

'I can only hope that we hear more from both Zeitgeist and Mr. Miller'

Allan Cronin, New Music Buff

'This is a contemporary music CD that will win over any new-music naysayer.' 

Molly Barth, The Flutist Quarterly, Winter 2013.

Best of the Year CD Reviews: 23 | Scott Miller & Carla Rees - Devices and Desires.  Simon Cummings, 5:4.

CD Review: Carla Rees and Scott Miller. Tim Rutherford-Johnson, The Rambler. 

'The album’s patience and sparseness is its core strength. Silence is all but the record’s third collaborator, with anxious gaps of nothing allowing for little duetting movements to be thoughtfully injested by the listener, with sound then able to re-emerge, wholly and gracefully, from the pitch black. Moments of quiet feel like the territory for meditation and forethought, and one can almost hear the players’ brains whirring in curious anticipation of the narrative course and carefully plotting how best to re-enter the conversation.'

Jack Chuter, ATTN:Magazine

‘This is high adventure avant garde music of the best sort. It is sonically advanced, musically intricate and most pleasing in an avant sort of way. Recommended.’

Grego Applegate Edwards, Classical-Modern Music Review 

‘An impressive collaboration that will appeal to the flute-lover and the lover of the new lurking within’

Grego Applegate Edwards. Classical-Modern Music Review.

‘inspires real hope & optimism for the future of electroacoustic music.’ 

Simon Cummings, 5:4. 

Rozhovor: Nebe na zemi Vladimíra Havlíka. Kultura CZ.Czech Television 2. (12'30" into the program)

'peaceful, intimate, and painstakingly crafted'

Christy Desmith, City Pages

'not for the faint-hearted listener' 

Juliet Patterson, mnartists.org. 

‘a once in a lifetime experience’

William Randall Beard, Morning Edition, Minnesota Public Radio. 

And one of my personal favorites for the sheer poetry:
'“Every Problem is a Nail,” was both discordant and unsettling. From the moment the first note was played to the moment the piece had finished with a drawn-out chord it was apparent that a broody, dark and menacing cloud had formed in Slosberg. It threatened all the while to drench the audience and submerge us in a river of pain.'

Sabrina Pond, The Brandeis Hoot.