'inspires real hope & optimism

     for the future of electroacoustic music.'  

- Simon Cummings, 5against4.com

New Video Only Release! 

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My music is characterized by collaborative approaches to composition, the use of electronics, and improvisation. I explore transformational processes, performer/computer improvisation, and re-imagine older compositional processes through the lens of 21st century technology.

I am fascinated by the inner-workings of sound and draw inspiration from the exquisite, the microscopic, and the immersive that we find in both the natural and mechanical worlds. In my ecosystemic works, I model the behavior of objects in the natural world in electronic sound, creating interactive sonic ecosystems that encourage, rather than dictate, a particular performance.

The result of pursuing all these interests is a diverse body of work, the product of lot of hands-on experimentation and collaboration with classically-trained new music performers, early music specialists, jazzers, members of famous rock n roll bands, and even a band of robots.